Must-Have Fruits and Vegetables in Your Freezer

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fresh mango

Incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your everyday routine can be a challenge for many. It's essential to plan their ripening, quantity, and the recipes in which they'll be used, all to avoid waste. One solution is right in your kitchen: the freezer!

Using frozen fruits and vegetables is an intriguing tip that increases the variety and availability of these foods, even promoting the purchase of local products, with many options being Canadian. They are also just as nutritious as fresh products. Apart from the classic frozen blueberries, raspberries, and broccoli, let's discover a list of lesser-known frozen foods that deserve a spot in your kitchen.


When purchased frozen, they seem perfectly ripe. You'll particularly appreciate their ripeness level and texture. As they come in large chunks, they remain firm after thawing. Try them as they are or in your puddings.


This often pricey and challenging to peel fruit can be found in the frozen aisle, already in arils and at a reduced price. Used with your salads or yogurts, it instantly adds flavour, texture, and colour.


For all recipes that require cooked spinach. Blend it into pasta sauces, lasagnas, quiches, and stews.


While this vegetable easily keeps all year, it's convenient to have it in a pre-cut frozen form for rushed meals. It then becomes easy to prepare a soup, a roast vegetable dinner, or a squash puree.


Also known as gumbo, these dark green vegetables are worth discovering. They fit into saucy recipes, stir-fries, or can be eaten roasted.


Although it's not a vegetable, this soybean deserves its place here. This legume is an essential protein source for your freezer. Simply boil it before consuming. It easily adds to stir-fries, salads, meal bowls, soups and can even be eaten alone as a snack. It can be purchased frozen, in pods or shelled.

With these staples in your freezer, you'll always be prepared for a healthy, colourful, and flavourful meal or snack. Stock up today and simplify your cooking routine!

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist