A Diet? No Thank You! - In 5 Reasons

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hand holding a body measuring tape

You are not familiar with the concept of “dieting”? Aren’t you fortunate!

Here are some characteristics to detect a "diet":

• List of permitted and prohibited foods
• Normal to wacky rules
• Promotion of a certain brand of products
• Food plan that cannot be derogated At first glance, diets may seem to make sense and may appear to help you lose weight easily.

Whether you have dieting experience or you are new to this world, be aware that dieting is not the answer to your weight problem. Here's why!

1. Prohibited Foods

Who says restriction, says excess! Let’s look at an example: I tell you to stop reading this. I forbid you. YES, stop! Now! Did you stop reading? No. The same phenomenon occurs with food. At one point, we all end up giving in to the taboos. And when we do so, we give in entirely... that is to say we succumb to excess! The best way not to give in is simply not to restrict yourself!

2. Rules

From one diet to another, we find a variety of farfetched rules. These often have no scientific basis and are constraining.

Whatever the rule is (if we follow it), we are restricted (and who says restriction says ...). Incidentally, we do not learn to eat better, but we become experts in following rules.

3. Too Few Calories and Nutrients!

Diets often do not contain enough calories and nutrients. Result: Weight loss, mainly from body water, muscles, and sometimes fat. As a bonus: Your basic metabolism is lowered and you may develop some deficiencies! It's then easier to put on weight! Is immediate weight loss worth compromising your health in the long run?

4. We Do Not Solve the Problem

Diets are not very personalized. Just like a recipe, it's easy to follow, but it does not give us the autonomy of a chef!

Diets do not allow us to understand what led us there in the first place (weight wise) or how to avoid going back. With a diet, we extinguish fires, but we do not find the arsonist!

5. False Promise of Happiness

Thinness is put on a pedestal, thanks to images before / after retouched, to the surreal testimonials, the happiness and the success related to it.

Behind the curtain, customers do not feel up to it, they are demoralized and develop harmful behaviours for their health in order to achieve this nirvana of thinness.

During and after diets, physical and mental health are not always at the rendezvous. Some develop an obsession for their weight or problematic eating behaviours such as a lack of listening to their hunger and satiety signals.

In conclusion, I would like to share one of my favorite sayings: when does your weight think of you? And how many times do you think of it? Weight is just a number. It does not guarantee your happiness or your success. With diets, some reach the weight of their dreams, but have never been so unhappy. The act of eating must keep its place as a vector of pleasure and conviviality.

Weight loss is important for the health, self-esteem and comfort of a majority of the population. A healthy weight loss made in the company of a nutritionist / dietitian is incomparable!

When you lose weight, do it properly, to avoid having to start over!

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist