5 Reasons to Visit your Local Farmers' Market this Summer

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Senior woman at farmers market - femme age d'or au marché fermier

Whether you live in the city or the country, farmers' markets are popular this summer. Filled with local food and passionate producers, these markets are a great way to consume differently during this season. So here are 5 reasons to visit them!

1. To Encourage Our Producers

Our local vegetable producers and food artisans work very hard all year long to offer us local and quality products, harvested with a lot of love. So why not go out and encourage them this summer? This type of market has a real impact on the lives of its exhibitors. According to a recent report, farmers' markets allow producers to increase their sales considerably, while contributing to giving meaning to their work, that is to say feeding people and having a direct relationship with consumers.

2. To Eat Local and in Season

It is no secret that eating seasonal food produced locally has many advantages, including reducing our environmental impact. By buying in short circuits, which means directly from the producer, we reduce the intermediaries and the transport usually associated with food. Moreover, eating fruits and vegetables in season allows us to add more color and flavor to our plate. Finally, public markets are the perfect opportunity to discover new foods produced locally and with love.

3. To Save a Little Money

Buying in a short circuit allows you to reduce the cost of food, since you remove the intermediaries (such as grocery stores and transporters) that you usually have to pay. Have you visited a farmers' market and noticed that the prices were similar in grocery stores, or even a little higher? Well, you can take comfort in the fact that the money you pay goes directly to the producer. Fortunately, this type of place is also an opportunity to get unsold food from producers, which are usually sold at low prices.

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4. To Discuss and Inform Ourselves

Farmer’s markets are an excellent time to exchange with others. We can generally talk with producers and exhibitors, which allows us to better understand their reality and their issues as local small businesses. Markets are also a place where we can talk to our neighbours and other people who are passionate about local food and agriculture. Why not even take a moment to chat with others over a local beer? Some farmers' markets even have local breweries among their exhibitors! We have to remember that alcohol does not have to be a source of guilt when consumed in moderation.

5. To Get Outside and Move

Moving is not just about intense physical activity and farmers’ markets are a great option to get moving while enjoying the outdoors. Rain or shine, public markets are there! Is the weather nice and warm? It's a great opportunity to get our tan on. Is it raining? Why not take a short trip in the rain to entertain the kids!

Whether you want to spend time with your family, go for a walk or simply restock your fridge, there are many reasons to visit them!

Looking for more ideas on how to eat more seasonally throughout the year? Don't hesitate to consult a dietitian who will be able to help you!

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