What is Holistic Nutrition?

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Are you looking to improve your health and well-being in a comprehensive way? You've probably already heard of holistic nutrition, an approach that is gaining popularity. But is there really a difference between this approach and that of conventional registered dietitians and nutritionists?

Key Principles of Holistic Nutrition

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Holistic nutrition is based on a comprehensive view of health: eating healthily is not the only aspect to consider for good physical health. This approach tells us that our emotional, mental, and even spiritual well-being also plays a significant role. It is founded on the fundamental idea that each person is unique, with needs influenced by their lifestyle, environment, and psychological state. (1,2)

Holistic Nutritionist vs. Conventional Dietitian-Nutritionist

It's often mistakenly thought that "conventional" dietitian-nutritionists and holistic nutritionists work according to fundamentally different principles. Yet, dietitian-nutritionists also consider the holistic aspects of nutrition and incorporate scientific data to give personalized nutritional recommendations. They recognize that diet, mental health, and emotional well-being are interconnected, and that an imbalance in one can affect the others. Thus, contrary to what one might think, there is actually no fundamental difference between conventional and holistic approaches in nutrition, both aiming for the overall balance of the individual.

Caution with the Title "Holistic Nutritionist"

Loi - Law

In Canada, regulations surrounding the practice of nutrition can vary from one province to another. That's why, if you're looking for someone to advise you on your diet, it's very important to be cautious.

The word "nutritionist" is an official title that is protected by law in several provinces. However, in other provinces, only the title of "dietitian" is protected, allowing anyone to self-proclaim as a holistic nutritionist without having the qualifications of a dietitian-nutritionist. To be sure of receiving reliable and science-based advice, it's wise to check the person's right to practice. (3)

At TeamNutrition, we take this regulation seriously. All our nutritionists are qualified professionals who follow provincial laws. By choosing to work with us, you can be sure of receiving personalized and scientifically proven advice, while being respectful of professional standards.

Why Choose Our Dietitians?

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Choosing Team Nutrition's dietitians means:

  • Inclusion of all food groups: We advocate for a varied diet including all food groups, adapted to individual health needs, preferences, and ethical values. This comprehensive approach ensures adequate nutrition and promotes overall health.
  • Personalized approach: We recognize the uniqueness of each individual, offering tailor-made nutritional plans.
  • Science-based recommendations: Our scientific approach ensures that the advice on your diet is based on reliable data and offers the best outcomes in terms of health and well-being.

Aim for Well-being with Our Team

Holistic nutrition is a complete and refreshing way of thinking about our health. At TeamNutrition, our professionals practice with a philosophy that embraces this comprehensive and personalized approach. Ready to feel better? Contact TeamNutrition today to start your journey towards well-being. Your new life begins now!



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