The Free Corporate Fitness Challenge

Sports nutrition
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For 30 days, commit to a fitness challenge and receive via email each week:

  • a free one-month subscription to the KoalaPro health portal for all your employees
  • workout suggestions
  • a weekly menu with a shopping list

To make the activity even more challenging, create teams among employees and allow them to accumulate points!

Want to do a little more?

Draw a grand prize for the team that stands out the most! Choose from our catalog of partner companies and encourage a local company like

  • MTL B-Board
  • Next Chance eco-friendly packaging or
  • Nurish beauty products

Ready to take the challenge?

Write to us for your access code and a demonstration of the KoalaPro wellness portal at

KoalaPro is your bilingual virtual health companion that promotes healthy living. Find out more about it:

Nutrition capsules to help you listen to your hunger and satiety signals

  • Guided workout videos
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Recipes for all tastes
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