The Belly of Santa Claus Is Contagious!

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Santa Claus with his finger crossed

That's it! Once again, it is that time of the year where food and alcohol mix in abundant quantities at parties. The traditional "I know you want another piece of pie, come on, it's holiday season" are already surfacing. Without even thinking about it, the last button of the trousers has been unbuttoned and the portion of pie is swallowed, even if it was better to stop after all these appetizers.

We are encouraged to over-consume throughout the year by friends, family and big corporations. However, it seems that during holiday season, everyone loses their ability to say "no thank you, I have eaten enough”. Instead of feeling guilty in January and trying to lose those extra three to six pounds, why not try to eat less and drink less this year? The challenge begins !

Here are five tips to help you maintain your weight and avoid gaining all those extra pounds.

1. Have a snack

One of the best things you can do is to have a snack before a big dinner. Waiting for the meal can be difficult if you have an empty stomach. If you have a snack before, not only will you be less tempted to indulge in calorie-filled pastries, chocolates or potato chips, but you will also have an excuse to ask for a smaller portion during dinner since you will be less hungry. A healthy snack can include yogurt, fruits, vegetables or some whole wheat crackers.

2. Listen to your appetite

To finish one's plate to be polite is a thing of the past. Today, when we are no longer hungry, we stop eating. Sounds weird to you? It should not. If you are uncomfortable wasting food, you can always ask your host if to take the leftovers to go because the meal is just too delicious.

3. Do not eat when you are distracted

With all the food that fills the house, it is almost impossible not to eat, often unintentionally, whilst talking to family or guests. Most people do it without even thinking about it and realize it only when the bowl is empty. To reduce this trend, stay clear off of all bowls of food. If you cannot reach the food, you are less likely to eat without thinking. If you sit at a table where there is food, do not hesitate to push the bowl away or to remove it from the table.

4. Pay attention to liquid calories

Liquid calories include juices, alcohol and soft drinks. They not only increase your caloric intake, but they do not affect your appetite. Alcohol can even increase your appetite and cause you to make poor food choices. Include mineral water like Perrier or San Pellegrino in your party. To add a festive touch, add berry or lime to give it the taste and look of an alcoholic beverage. Black coffee and herbal teas, like mineral water, also contain no calories.

5. Save room for dessert

It's the holiday season! No one should have to say no to dessert, unless they really do not like it. Plan in advance to eat less during the meal to make sure you do not overeat. Ask for a small portion and if you consider that it is still too big, do not hesitate to leave it on the plate.

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