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Our Dietitian Sports Nutrition programs are your reference for your performance.


We develop with you a plan that will help you achieve your sports goals.

Sports nutrition consultations are also available at all our office locations. We have been chosen by four university sports centers for the quality of our services.

To help you, our Registered Dietitians offer:

  • We suggest sports nutrition supplements that may be useful depending on your nutrition and the needs for your sport. 
  • We suggest specific foods to meet the needs of micronutrients and macronutrients for your sports and body composition change.
  • We create hydration and electrolyte plans based on your sweat rate and optimal performance needs. 
  • We create and tailor personalized food guides based on an assessment of your current lifestyle and athletic performance. 

For questions or to book an appointment with your local sports dietitian, please visit our dietitian services contact pageBy learning more about your sports objectives we will provide a nutrition consultation program that best fits you.