What are Nutritionists Doing During the Holidays ?

Healthy eating
woman dressed as santa claus holding a glass of eggnog and a dessert

Since it is implied that nutritionists eat well … what are they doing during the holiday break? Asking this question is a symptom of the famous food dichotomy that still circulates: eating well or eating poorly. Unless you’re talking about food stains on the tablecloth or on our brand new white shirt … we should get rid of that mentality! But, since that’s what you’re here for, here’s what nutritionists do over the holidays, or at least a summary of my own program!

1. I’m going to see my friends and family

To me, the most important thing during these few days of grace is to spend quality time with my loved ones. Of course, food is there. Having said that, the table is just one piece of furniture in the house, not the focal point. The meal is a part of Christmas Eve, not the whole evening. The most important thing is not the plate, but the people around the table and the memories that will stay with us … To be remembered for a long time to come.

2. I’m going to eat. Everyday.

Every day. I won’t need to ‘earn my dessert’, weigh my turkey or count my chips. Instead, I will eat to nourish my body and feel good. Just listening. The body is always right, you just have to listen to it! And I’m going to drink every day too. Not just wine, but not just water either. Sometimes herbal teas, sometimes cocktails. A little bit of everything, but nothing in excess!

3. I’m going to move around and even spend some time outside

Not to burn calories, but to stretch my legs. A sedentary lifestyle is not a healthy option. Spending a week in the house; that’s a no for me! There is a wide range of activities to do, both indoors and outdoors, that can easily replace the traditional brunch. Fresh air has that little something that’s just revitalizing …

Outdoor activitiy options:

  • Walking in the forest (or on the Mount Royal)
  • Alpine Skiing
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Snowshoe
  • Ice Skating
  • Sliding on tubes
  • Outdoor group classes (Outdoor Cardio, Zumba, etc.)

Indoor activity option:

  • Surf
  • Social dancing classes
  • Bowling
  • Crossfit
  • Swimming
  • Climbing center
  • Trampoline Center
  • Museum visit
  • Yoga

4. I will take advantage of the days off

My goal is to get away for a few days, for a complete rest. I’m going to let myself be carried away by the present moment and try to enjoy it as much as possible. In fact, I’m thinking of disconnecting from my smartphone for a few days. It’s all about discipline in these modern times, but that’s what’s good about it!

5. I’m not going to judge anyone

In fact, even though I know a lot about food and diet, I cannot analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a person’s diet just by sharing a meal with them. Think about it, we usually take a full hour with our clients in order to assess that information! If only I could hope for the same thing in return: that I am not judged for what I put on my plate because of my profession… It’s my wish to Santa Claus!

As a nutritionist, the holiday season is a time for me to enjoy the time spent with loved ones and focus on well-being. I set aside notions of "eating well" or "eating poorly" and instead concentrate on nourishing my body and listening to its needs. Engaging in physical activity and spending time outdoors are part of my activities, while also taking time to rest and disconnect. I choose not to judge others' food choices and hope that they will do the same towards me. My wish for the holidays is to create cherished memories with my loved ones, letting food be just one element among many. Happy holidays to all!

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist