Water, our Essential Ally - Dietitian advice

savoured water dietitian advice

Often neglected, water is nevertheless essential to the regular functioning of the daily reactions that take place in our body. 

Indeed, the body is composed of 60% water on average. To preserve this vital water in our body, it goes without saying that hydration is essential. Also, the body composition of each person influences the proportion of water in the body. The amount of water is generally lower in women, obese people and the elderly, as they generally have less lean body mass. Nevertheless, water remains essential to life for everyone and is used to create energy, transport nutrients and waste products in the body and regulate body temperature, among other things. 

An adult woman should consume an average of 2.7L of water, including food and drink. An adult male should consume 3.7L. These requirements are approximate and depend on your daily energy expenditure. The more you move, the more thirsty you will be! If we put food aside, in terms of water intake alone, that's 9 to 13 cups of water. 

Can you get your drinks and water in the form of juice, pop or sports drinks? According to the latest Canada's Food Guide, the drink of choice should always be water. You can add fresh fruit to add flavour. Other beverages are often very high in sugar, sodium and calories, while being lower in water. However, some beverages such as milk, tea and coffee with no added sugar are also good options. They should be consumed in moderation so as not to interfere with your daily intake of plain water. 

Don't hesitate to get into the habit of drinking plain water, as it is essential to your health and even your weight loss journey. Graduated water bottles can be a good way to remind you to drink regularly. Otherwise, having a full glass of water nearby will help stimulate your drinking reflex! 

If you are concerned about your water intake, contact us to make an appointment now with one of our registered dietitians who will be able to give you personalized advice about your hydration.