Compliance with Quebec's Law 25

loi 25

About Law 25

Law 25 (Bill 64) in Quebec is legislation aimed at protecting the privacy of Quebecers. At ÉquipeNutrition / TeamNutrition / KoalaPro, we take this responsibility seriously and are committed to adhering to all provisions of this law.

Some of Our Compliance Measures

  • Legal Contracts and Documents: Regularly reviewed and updated to ensure they meet the requirements of Law 25.
  • Staff Training: Ongoing education on relevant aspects of Law 25.
  • Internal Monitoring: Mechanisms in place to oversee and ensure continuous compliance.
  • Internal Audits: Regular examination of our operations to verify compliance with the law.
  • Complaint Management System: An effective process to address any concerns related to Law 25.
  • Legal Consultation: Collaboration with experts to ensure continuous compliance.

Responsible Person

For any questions or concerns regarding our compliance with Law 25, please contact:

Guillaume Couture
Director of Innovation

We are committed to maintaining these measures and will conduct periodic reviews to ensure they remain aligned with any future changes to Law 25.

August 1, 2023


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