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Weight Loss Program


Lose the extra weight forever with the help of one-on-one consultations with our dietitians/nutritionists. Our dietitians-nutritionists work with you to develop a plan that will ensure permanent weight loss. 

Our Personalized Weight Loss Program

Our dietitians/nutritionists develop personalized nutrition guides that allow you to achieve your objectives. Weight loss is our specialty, and our nutrition consultations are available at convenient locations across Canada.

Our nutrition counselling services give you: 

  • Professional support to motivate you as you change your food habits. 
  • A weight loss method based on conscious eating, ensuring you can keep having fun with food and achieve permanent weight loss. 
  • Meal guides created for you based on your current lifestyle and adjusted as needed. This allows for easy changes and helps you achieve your objectives fast. 
  • Food journal evaluations to help you eat healthier and permanently change your food habits while you’re losing weight. 
  • Teachings on health issue prevention based on your unique family history and your health status. 
  • Menu and recipe validation to make sure you accomplish your weight loss objectives. 
  • Grocery shopping trips with us to help you learn about new products and the proper way to make food choices. 

Why Choose Our Dietitians/Nutritionists?

  • Consultations are given by dietitians/nutritionists who are members of their local Canadian regulatory body.
  • Insurance receipts are available for reimbursement purposes. 
  • Our dietitians use easy-to-understand, personalized teaching materials that are tailored to your needs and objectives. 

Contact us now for more information or to book a consultation with our dietitians. By learning a bit more about you, our dietitians can plan consultations based on your needs and your weight loss objectives.

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Contacting your nutritionist - dietitian is the first step towards achieving your goals !

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