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Guillaume Couture, CEO

Founder of TeamNutrition, Guillaume is the director of innovation and a graduate of McGill University in nutrition. As founder, Guillaume brings to the team of nutritionists the deep desire to always improve the service offered and to bring the best there is for the clientele.

We make sure to be at the top of our field when it comes to food knowledge and its application in day to day life. Passionate about nutrition, and as a consultant for 10 years, he built the nutrition expertise for weight loss, sports nutrition, achieving goals through vegetarianism/veganism, and adapting diets for hypertension, cholesterol, irritable bowel syndrome, and type 2 diabetes.

In all the steps for food habit changes, pleasure is an essential element for success. As all goals need to be sustainable, it must be accomplished in the pleasure of food. Guillaume advocates a fun-based "Conscious eating" approach to achieving durable objectives.

As a consultant himself for 10 years, Guillaume has quickly distinguished himself in terms of customer satisfaction and in the success of his clients, whether it is in sports performance at the athlete level, or in people seeking to improve their health. Lecturer, writer, and foodie at heart, you can read his articles on our blog and taste his healthy, simple and absolutely full of flavor recipes!



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