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Meghan Wilton

Toronto Registered Dietitian

Meghan Wilton is a Registered Dietitian in Toronto, Ontario. She comes from the east coast, initially in Newfoundland and completed her education in Nova Scotia at Acadia University.

Meghan has experience in a community and preventative health setting. Her passion results in empowering communities and individuals to take control of their own health through practical food skills and nutrition education. She believes in a food-focused, non-diet approach, aiming to improve health and wellbeing, balance, long-term sustainability, and a healthy relationship with food.

We are all unique, and she is committed to working with individuals to make changes that fit their lifestyle while allowing themselves to enjoy life’s indulgences. Her time as a dietitian has mainly consisted of working with clients for weight management, heart health, diabetes, gut health, and improved food skills, which were delivered through group education, corporate presentations/webinars, individual nutrition counselling and food demonstrations.

Meghan believes in progress, not perfection, and will work with you to create goals to achieve balance in your life that you can maintain and help lead to a healthier you.

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