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Katrina El Asmar

Gatineau Aylmer Nutritionist Dietitian

Nutritionist - Dietitian in Gatineau, Katrina is a graduate of the Honours Bachelor of Nutrition Sciences program of the University of Ottawa. She is a member of the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Order of Québec (ODNQ/OPDQ). and of the College of Dietitians of Ontario (CDO).

During her practicum placements, Katrina had the opportunity to gain various experiences in a hospital setting and in family health care teams. She is very interested in the health field and continuously develops her knowledge on different topics related to nutrition.

Katrina is passionate about the fact that what we eat can help us improve significantly our health and our quality of life. She is attentive to her clients’ needs and desires their well-being. She will work with you to develop and attain nutrition objectives that are beneficial for your health, realistic, and that respect your needs as well as your lifestyle.

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Registered Dietitian | Gatineau

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