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Diana Ayoub-Fawaz

Nutritionists and dietitian in Montreal and Île-des-Soeurs, as well as in videoconference, Diana obtained her degree in nutrition from the University of Montreal and is a member of the Ordre professionnel des diététistes-nutritionnistes du Québec.

Smiling, professional and very knowledgeable in nutrition, Diana gives herself all the means to transmit her expertise and thus, to coach her clients in the best way. She takes their success to heart. As we all know, dietary changes take time and effort and are sometimes not as simple as you might think. That's why Diana is very emphatic about her clients' goals and will help you on your journey while respecting your own pace to create new healthy and sustainable eating habits according to your lifestyle.

In fact, she ventures into the kitchen to create easy and varied recipes as well as tips that will help and equip her clients on a daily basis. She is very inspired by the Mediterranean diet which is diversified, enriching and has a lot of goodness. Her goal is to accompany you in your approach while maintaining the pleasure of eating.

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