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Courtney Chrisholm


Registered Dietitian Calgary, Alberta.


I hold a degree in nutrition and food science as well as honours psychology from the University of Alberta.

I have been practicing as a Registered Dietitian within the health and fitness industry for the past 4 years developing a successful nutrition practice primarily within downtown Calgary. I work as a dietitian (and personal trainer) with clients specializing in weight loss, weight management, heart disease, digestive concerns, vitamin supplementation and sports nutrition.

If there is one thing I could engrain in people when it comes to my practice is that, we need to ditch the strict meal plan and diet mentality when in comes to health and wellness. There is nothing magical about them! Lets find a way of eating that allows flexibility and will nourish your body to fit your lifestyle. Sustainability is key. Restriction is not!

In my area of practice, I have worked a great deal with active individuals, guiding them in to a way of eating that will help them achieve optimal health and reach their fitness goals. This includes everything from weight loss and increasing lean muscle to improving sport performance and/or recovery to prevent injury.

As you may have caught on, apart from my love for dietetics, exercise and physical activity are a big part of my life. I truly believe nutrition and exercise, together, can be the exact presciption some people need for preventing and/or improving chronic disease. It is also vital for mental health.

But I quickly realized that not everyone has that same innate desire to exercise/workout or be active.

To others, it is a chore. That is why I also became a personal trainer in 2019. Your body can do some pretty amazing things, and it can be fun.

It’s often your mind that you have to convince. But recognize that you will grow the most when it’s challenging or uncomfortable, not when it’s easy. And in the long wrong, your health will thank you!

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