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Adina Elena Vladulescu

Elena is in her final year of her Bachelor of Dietetics at McGill University and is passionate about everything related to nutrition. Right from her last year of high school, she knew right away that she was going to go into this branch of the health field. Despite her strong conviction, she did not have an easy journey.

Suffering from an eating disorder as a teenager, it took her several years to discover what it really means to eat healthy. Even so, her bumpy journey has allowed her to develop a great deal of empathy with her clients and patients. In addition, she discovered the principles of intuitive eating. She firmly believes that there is no right or wrong food and that it is essential to develop a healthy relationship with food.

As a culinary creator in her spare time, you can find some of her personnal recipes on the site or on social media under the name "Earthy Dietitian". With the busy lives we live, Elena has taken on the challenge of creating mouth-watering recipes that are quick to prepare and require minimal ingredients. Thanks to her travels and her own cultural background, she will make you discover a multitude of flavors and traditions.

To check out the content created by Elena, go to our recipes page!

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