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Isabelle Huot

Known to the public for several years thanks to her career in communications, Isabelle Huot made the leap into entrepreneurship in 2009, a first for a nutritionist in Quebec. At the same time, she writes and co-writes about fifteen books, including several best sellers, and gives conferences throughout the province. Currently, her company, Isabelle Huot Doctor of Nutrition, offers a wide range of ready-to-eat healthy products as well as turnkey wellness services. His mission? Help you improve your eating habits thanks to its scientific knowledge. You will see, with its help, eating healthily and simply has never been easier!

The services

In March 2020, Isabelle Huot Doctor of Nutrition and ÉquipeNutrition announced their brand new collaboration, a unique large-scale partnership: a network of clinics across the country.

Isabelle Huot Doctor in Nutrition has also offered, for several years now, several corporate services: conferences, kiosks, workshops, menu development for food services, consultations and much more. Something for efficient and motivated employees!

Her products

Listening to her customers who regularly confided in her that they lack the time to cook healthily, Isabelle launched, in 2010, boxed lunches delivered to their homes throughout Quebec and Ontario. To its nutritious and delicious meals have been added, over the years, many other products: snacks, cereals, spreads, seasonings, muffin and cookie mixes and more. His culinary inspirations? She draws them from the suggestions of her clients, and also, from her various trips around the world!

Want to lighten up your daily life by ordering some of its products? Go to www.isabellehuot.com to order and receive, or at one of the many points of sale.

Use the promo code EQUIPENUTRITION10 to get $ 10 off your online order!

Her future goals

Isabelle thinks big for her business! Along with the Quebec market, which she continues to develop, the doctor in nutrition wishes to conquer other markets, notably the rest of Canada and Europe.

Contacting your nutritionist - dietitian is the first step towards achieving your goals !

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