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Top 10 Recipes Ready in Under 20 Minutes


Recipes ready in under 20 minutes


With back to school just around the corner, cooking can be a real challenge, especially for those with busy schedules. But even if we don't have a lot of time to devote to meal preparation, that doesn't mean we can't have tasty and hearty meals! Whether it's for lunch or a quick dinner, here are our top 10 recipes that are ready in no time!


1- Quick Couscous Salad with Kombu Pesto

When we want a quick and simple meal, salads are a great option and this Couscous Salad with Kombu Pesto can be prepared in 15 minutes! Kombu is a seaweed that can be found in the Gaspé region (in Quebec) and can be used in a variety of recipes. This recipe is delicious (thanks to the kombu pesto!), but it is still possible to use whatever pesto we have on hand for a quick meal!

2- Plant-Based ‘’Chicken’’ Sandwich Filling

Ready in 5 minutes, this Chickpea and Plant-Based ‘’Chicken’’ Mix is a great idea to vary lunches. It can be put in a wrap or on sliced bread and can even be taken to school with the kids. No plant-based ‘’chicken’’ on hand? We can use beans (or other legumes) or simply use regular chicken!


3- Easy Tuna Pasta

Pasta makes a quick and nutritious meal when time is short. This Practical and Quick Tuna Pasta Recipe can be eaten hot or cold, for a lunch on the go or for a dinner in a hurry!

4- 50/50 Meatloaf with Turkey and TVP

Looking for tips on how to cut back on meat and make the transition seamless? TVP (textured vegetable protein) is our ally! With a texture similar to ground meat, it can be incorporated into 50-50 recipes, which means half meat and half plant-based alternatives. Turkey-PVT Meatloaf is a great recipe idea for the family menu and only requires 15 minutes of preparation. 

5- Quick vegetarian pizza

Using the vegetables we have on hand is a great option to increase our family's vegetable consumption, while passing on the vegetables that are lying around at the bottom of the fridge. Furthermore, kids love it! This Quick Vegetarian Pizza only takes 15 minutes to prepare, then it goes in the oven for another 15 minutes. It's that simple!

6- Couscous and Lentil Salad

Couscous is a very quick cereal to cook (a little hot water and that's it!). Prepared in only 15 minutes, this Couscous and Lentil Salad can easily be taken to work or school. It is also possible to eat it warm or cold, depending on the seasons and our preference.


7- Quick Fish Cakes with Oven Baked Chips

When it comes to incorporating fish into the family diet, fish cakes are often a favorite of the kids and the parents! young and old alike. This Fish Cakes and Oven Baked Chip recipe can easily be made with whatever we have on hand. No fresh breadcrumbs? Grocery store bought breadcrumbs will do just fine. No fresh white fish? Why not use a can of tuna or salmon!


8- One-Pot Curry with Zero-Waste Vegetables

With only 20 minutes of preparation, this Zero-Waste Vegetables Curry is perfect for the evenings in a hurry. We can put all the vegetables we have on hand or hat ley at the bottom of our fridge and serve it with whatever we want (rice, naan bread, etc.)

9- All-Purpose Pulses Salad

Looking for something a little more summery? Why not go for the All-Purpose Pulses Salad! We can use whatever pulses and herbs (fresh or dried) we have at home and vary them throughout the year.

10- Mediterranean Pasta with Pesto and Chicken

Requiring only 10 minutes of preparation, Mediterranean Pasta can be used as a quick dinner for busy evenings. We can add lentils to improve the protein content and add parmesan or fresh basil to spice up the recipe. We can even cook a little more chicken than the recipe calls for so we can also make a chicken salad for lunch the next day!


Looking for tips on how to better plan your weekly meals or how to incorporate more variety into your family's eating habits? It is possible to meet with a dietitian who will be able to guide you and advise you according to your and your family needs.


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