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5 ways to use shredded meat


5 ways to use shredded meat

Everyone knows the classic pulled pork sandwich. However, there are many ways to reinvent this fall classic. 

The benefits of cooking pulled pork

  • It freezes well, so it's a great recipe to cook ahead of time. 
  • The meat is tender, juicy and tasty.
  • Because of its tenderness, it is often a winner with children or people who do not like the texture of meat.
  • It is versatile and can be used to prepare quick meals.
  • It can be prepared in the slow cooker all day long so that you have a meal ready when you get home from work (and it smells great when you get home too).

Basic shredded proteins to cook

Classic Pulled Pork

This pork tenderloin-based recipe is 50% less fatty than the classic pork shoulder version.

Frayed chicken  

Chicken is just as easy to shred as pork. Check out this easy slow cooker option to try it out.

Pulled Beef

This all-purpose version works well in a variety of recipes.

Veggie options

You can also shred plant-based proteins. This is a great option for those who are just starting to get to grips with these proteins or for those who don't like the texture of tofu.

-Teriyaki Shredded Tofu

-Shredded Tempeh

Top 5 ways to use your shredded meat 

Meal bowls

Add your shredded meat to a salad or rice bowl to make a meal.  It works well in this Mexican bowl recipe for example.

Shepherd's pie

You can replace the ground meat in your usual recipe with your choice of shredded meat or make this gourmet shepherd's pie recipe from Quebec pork producers.


Serve your shredded meat in your whole wheat tortillas with vegetables, grated cheese and your choice of salsa as a garnish. This mango salsa is perfect to accompany the tacos.

Barbecue Pizza 

Arrange meat on whole wheat pitas with barbecue sauce, bell pepper strips, onions and cheese or make homemade pocket pizzas.

Asian Stir-Fry

Stir-fry shredded protein with vegetables and an Asian sauce, then serve over rice or rice noodles or make this stir-fry with udon noodles.


In short, for all these reasons and its versatility, shredded meat is a great option to introduce in your meal prep. Check out this week's flyers and cook the protein on sale of your choice with all these ideas!

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