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Dietitian Nutritionist Toronto Trista Chan

Your Local Toronto Dietitian | Trista Chan

Trista Chan is a Registered Dietitian in Toronto and has completed a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and graduate certificate in Nutrition, Dietetics and Health Promotion. Passionate about supporting her clients, Trista ensures makes sure to help them reach their full potential through the power of good food and good habits.

She knows that true nourishment isn’t just planning your next meal - the real support comes with the tools to implement real and sustainable lifestyle changes for : physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health.

As a clinician, she has worked in diverse settings, including community health centres, private health clinics, hospitals, and non-profit organisations. She is particularly varied in her skills and can even help with supporting women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, prediabetes, maternal nutrition, and vegan/plant-based nutrition.

Trista practices with an equity and diversity lens. She also practices with a compassion-based approach, believing a healthier relationship with food is a foundationl to good health.

To book your first appointment with Trista Chan, Registered Dietitian in Toronto, or for more information, call us now or write through our contact form below. 
Trista is available for online nutrition consultations.